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Interested in continuing education? 

Research has shown that the more knowledge we have about how our brain works and the more effective study techniques we master, the easier we can learn new things. One might think that this is something we should invest extra in school.


With the help of the highest-ranked study techniques, we can get knowledge to stick in a more effective way. By building the teaching (including tests and homework) based on how our brain works, by enriching our students with that knowledge, filling their toolboxes with valuable study techniques and by imparting the knowledge and understanding also to the parents, we have the opportunity to create more equal conditions for our students to reach their potential.

The creator of Läroteket, Ela Strandberg, can be booked for continuing education opportunities where school staff can take part in how they can easily implement the teaching aid Läroteket and all its materials in their teaching. They are further trained in what today's experts say about teaching on brain conditions, about study techniques, fairer and more equal tests and homework, etc. They get to take part in many concrete tips that they can use already the following day.

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