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In today's situation (2021), we do not have a separate subject in years 1-6 called study technology. According to the curriculum, study techniques must be taught by being incorporated into the rest of the teaching. Once I immersed myself, with this project, in the world of study techniques, I discovered how much knowledge, how many different techniques there really are. I realized that it takes an understanding of how our brain and memory work when it comes to learning and some training to be able to understand, master and apply the techniques in everyday life.


With the help of Läroteket, children and adults can gain a basic understanding of and basic knowledge of how our brain and memory work when it comes to learning and learn many effective study techniques that can facilitate studying. In addition, you also get concrete tips on how to use the techniques in practice. This material can be used both at home and at school by children, parents, teachers or why not anyone.


The content of Läroteket is a simplified version of the scientific findings that exist and are disseminated by brain researchers and experts. The knowledge is presented in a simplified way here in Läroteket so that it will be comprehensible and useful for the children and for other beginners in these areas.


The brain is a very complex organ. New discoveries are made all the time and the science of the brain and memory is supplemented and old science can even be overthrown. To make the brain's functions comprehensible to children, the hippocampus, amygdala and frontal lobe are used as “main characters” despite the fact that more brain parts or areas participate in and enable the various brain functions. It is also worth noting that researchers have discovered that the brain is plastic - it is changeable and adaptable.


See Läroteket  as a "beginner's guide". Among the book tips here on the website, you will find suggestions for literature you can delve into.


The knowledge of the brain and memory and the skills to use the study techniques in practice can be good to repeat continuously in order to be able to master them for a longer period of time. One might think that this knowledge would be good to possess for life.

In the digital books and via a link ("Sources") here on the website, the sources used to create the material in Läroteket are presented.

The content of Läroteket has been fact-checked by neuropsychologist Petra Boman. A huge thank you to her!


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Friends of the Swedish primary and lower secondary school

Läroteket is financed by the friends of the Swedish Folk School.
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About me


My name is Daniela "Ela" Strandberg. I have worked in Parga's school world since 2004 - first as a resource person, then as a student assistant and the last ten years as a class teacher and special class teacher.

The brain, learning and study techniques have long fascinated me and I love to immerse myself in these areas. I am passionate about finding alternative methods of learning.

In my opinion, schooling and schoolwork should be fun. There are enough things in life that are hard and boring. What we can do fun, we will do fun. Learning new things should be entertaining, exciting and interesting. I try to achieve that with this project!

One of my big interests is Escape Room. I have run my own Escape Room and arranged, among other things. Zombie Escape event. I have also arranged Escape the Classroom for my classes.

The teaching profession probably comes to me in a shared first place with panda nurses when it comes to dream jobs. Despite that, I left the teaching profession to create something I am really passionate about and did not have time for when I worked full time as a teacher.  

I am 36 years old and the mother of seven-year-old Isa. During the summer of 2020, we moved from Finland to Sweden. We live in Umeå with my partner and our two dogs (11-year-old Niki and the puppy Ninja).  

From August, I will write a book that will be published in 2022 by Bonnierförlagen Lära .

During the corona spring of 2020, YLE made a documentary  "Ela and Isa at a distance" where you can follow our everyday life while society had closed down and I taught my students from home.


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Ela Strandberg

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Interested in continuing education? 

Research has shown that the more knowledge we have about how our brain works and the more effective study techniques we master, the easier we can learn new things. One might think that this is something we should invest extra in school.


With the help of the highest-ranked study techniques, we can get knowledge to stick in a more effective way. By building the teaching (including tests and homework) based on how our brain works, by enriching our students with that knowledge, filling their toolboxes with valuable study techniques and by imparting the knowledge and understanding also to the parents, we have the opportunity to create more equal conditions for our students to reach their potential.

The creator of Läroteket, Ela Strandberg, can be booked for continuing education opportunities where school staff can take part in how they can easily implement the teaching aid Läroteket and all its materials in their teaching. They are further trained in what today's experts say about teaching on brain conditions, about study techniques, fairer and more equal tests and homework, etc. They get to take part in many concrete tips that they can use already the following day.

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