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Läs hela handledningen
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The parent corner in brief


Read the entire digital book here.

(You can also print it)

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Or you can below:
  • read and  listen to all the chapters in the book separately. 
  • take part in additional material to some of the chapters.
  • use direct links mentioned in the texts.
  • click your way to concrete material that can facilitate studying at home.
  • Introduction / preface

  • How to use Läroteket

  • neurons  - the building blocks of the brain

  • hippocampus  - the brain's memory master

  • amygdala  - the brain's alarm center

  • frontal lobe  - the brain's decision makers

  • dopamine 

  • memory

  • Why study techniques?

  • Goal

  • Knowledge hooks

  • Focus thieves

  • Thinking / image memory

  • Use the time correctly

  • Spread the plug

  • Repeat

  • learn to learn

  • take on challenges

  • motivation

  • grit

  • praise

  • commitment / control

  • reading learning

  • mathematics

  • reading subjects

  • language


  • cribs for e.g. math, language ...

  • game

  • planning templates

  • mm

  • tips on literature where you can read more and immerse yourself in topics covered in the parenting guide

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