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What was important?

The memory
synapser blir till 1.jpg
  • Use as many senses as possible when trying to learn something new.

  • New synapses (connections) are created between the neurons every time you  learn  something new.

  • The more synapses you  have the better you remember  AND the easier you have  to learn  new things

  • If you  want to be smarter, know more, remember better  do you need  many synapses.

What was important?

Short-term and long-term memory
  • Everything like you  hear, see, read, think about right now  is in your  short-term memory - what you  remember for the moment.

  • In the short-term memory box  holds about seven things at a time.

  • The hippocampus chooses which things from the box  will be long-term memories and what things are thrown away, fall into oblivion.

  • Long-term memories are more easily created by such  you find it interesting, fun and exciting or what arouses emotions in you and you recognize.

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