The brain

What was important?


The brain - intro

  • The brain controls everything in your body: e.g. your actions, thoughts, heartbeats

  • The more you understand how the brain works, the easier it is to learn new knowledge.



  • Our brain is made up of billions of microscopically small brain cells, neurons.

  • The neurons control everything in your body.

  • They talk to each other in the tiny space called the synapse.



  • Two seahorse-like areas in the brain

  • called the "Memory Center of the Brain"

  • stores what you have learned as memories in the brain.

  • The hippocampus needs to be interested and alert to make it easier for you to remember

  • New brain cells can be created here if you e.g. exercise enough.



  • two almond-shaped parts of the brain

  • called "Brain Alarm Center"

  • keeps you alert to dangers

  • collaborates with the hippocampus and helps you remember

  • Strong feelings of e.g. fear or frustration can cause the amygdala to activate the alarm system in the brain and "kidnap" at the same time, among other things. hippocampus and frontal lobe.

  • Exercise can help the amygdala stay calm.


Frontal lobe

  • is a part of the brain that is inside your forehead bone.

  • called "Brain Makers"

  • helps you make decisions, solve problems and stay focused.